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Pistachos del Guadiana

We are a family business dedicated to the production and sale of pistachios of a differentiated quality.

Pistachios with exclusive qualities


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Origin: Spain
Size: 20-22 / 23-25 / 28-30
Presentation: Raw


Origin: España
Size: 18-20
Presentation: Raw


Origin: España
Presentation: Raw pistachio nut, stripped of its natural shel


Origin: España
Presentation: Raw pistachio nut, stripped of its natural shell

Limited stock subject to production

*Net weight anda packaging consult to Marketing Department

Pistachos del Guadiana

About us

A careful process

Lindajara pistachios of Andalucia produces and markets pistachios with exclusive qualities. Their distinct flavor, special texture and elegant presence are the result of a complex selection process carried out under the strictest quality controls, from the harvesting of the fruit in the field, to the packaging process.

Generation after generation

A family business that offers its customers a product of quality that stands out, with values acquired on a consistent business philosophy over time, inherited generation after generation.

What we do


About pistachios


Pistachios are capable of reducing bad or LDL cholesterol levels and at the same time increasing good or HDL cholesterol in a very short time when their consumption is incorporated regularly. Its high content of antioxidants, among which vitamins A and E stand out, with natural anti-inflammatory properties that protect blood vessels and therefore reduce the risk of heart disease.

The richness of vitamin B6 contained in pistachios favors the production of hemoglobin, which is the protein responsible for transporting oxygen through the bloodstream to the cells of the body. It has also been shown to increase the amount of oxygen at the cellular level.

Pistachios help prevent type 2 diabetes, as they are rich in mineral phosphorus that helps glucose tolerance and favors the breakdown of proteins into amino acids.

Vitamin B6 that is so abundant in pistachios in turn supports the functions of the nervous system, as it plays a crucial role in the formation of lamyelin, which fills the insulating sheath around nerve fibers and allows optimal electrical transmission between nerves. . In addition, this vitamin favors the synthesis of serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine and gamma aminobutyric acid, an amino acid that induces the calm of the nervous system. (Drop-down) Improvements it produces: Raises the body's defenses. Helps control body weight Fortifies bones Gives skin more texture and elasticity.

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